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Custom Steel Fabrication

Rees-Memphis - Custom Steel FabricationMany industrial air system projects require Custom Steel Fabrication to complete specific project goals. Rees-Memphis uses its design and fabrication capabilities to enhance standard components or build special components specifically designed for the customer's needs. Many of our customers also rely on Rees to custom fabricate items that sometimes do not fall within the scope of work of industrial air systems. Examples of Custom Steel Fabrication include : machine hoods and manifolds, conveyor hoods, machine guards, belt and chain guards, filter manifolds, feed hoppers, metered bins, mixing tanks and covers, abrasive liners, platforms, ladders and stairs, structural supports, pneumatic receivers, air diffusers, special conveyors, grain spouting, replacement fan wheels, fan stacks, special blower housings, filter housings, special processing equipment, dump stations, drip pans, foundation anchors and more.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Custom Steel Fabrication requires the ability to work with the customer using CAD drawings whether the project design is Rees-generated or build-to-spec. Our design department will use every resource available to assure that all design work is thorough and complete.

Computer Aided Manufacturing ( CAM )

Shop production of custom fabricated products uses computer aided manufacturing in CNC plasma cutting and press brake operations assuring precise fit-up. Our automatic cut-to-length coil line enables us to greatly reduce material handling time while maximizing material usage.

Shop Production

Rees-Memphis Shop Production & Custom ProductsOur sheet metal, structural steel, fan, pipe and welding departments are organized for efficient material flow and productivity. Roll forming and sawing are monitored for accuracy, and weldments are checked to ensure quality standards are met. More about our shop production equipment and capabilities>> (Link to Facilities & Capabilities).

Custom Products

As custom metal fabricators, Rees uses galvanized steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other specialty metals. Other special materials can be researched and evaluated to meet customer requirements such as Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene and all types of urethane, ceramic and rubber products. These materials are used to enhance custom steel products by adding qualities of high abrasion resistance, impact strength, and friction loss.