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Industrial Air Systems

Rees-Memphis designs and builds complete industrial air systems, providing all equipment and air system components.  We specialize in dust collection systems, pneumatic conveying systems, scrap handling systems, waste transfer systems, material load out systems, and ventilation systems.  All REES air handling units are designed in accordance with customer specifications and needs.

We work with various industries including Wood & Forest Products, Pulp & Paper, Grain & Feed, Food Processing, Metal & Foundry, Plastics, Acrylics, Rubber, Textiles, Tile, Ceramics, Brick, Concrete, and Asphalt.  At REES, we strive to exceed expectations, resulting in innovative solutions to tough environmental problems.

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Dust Collection Systems

Industrial Air SystemsREES Dust Collection and Filtration Systems incorporate the latest technology in the processing of solid waste and dust. With tougher regulations from OSHA and EPA on dust exposure limits and atmospheric emissions, greater emphasis is being placed on the need for engineered environmental systems.
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Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Industrial Pneumatic Conveying SystemsPneumatic Conveying is one of the most practical methods for moving large amounts of dry powdered, granulated, or pelletized materials. Product or waste materials with bulk densities ranging from 1 to 200 lb/ft3 are conveyed by being suspended in or forced by a gas stream in horizontal or vertical pipes.
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Scrap Handling Systems

Industrial Air SystemsRees-Memphis designs efficient Scrap Handling Systems for the Paper & Pulp industries which collect product and scrap from feeders, shredders, floorsweeps, and trim cutters, Material is conveyed with low or high pressure air systems to receivers and cyclones for transferring or baling.
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Waste Transfer System

Waste Transfer Systems Memphis Tn. - for vehicles, bins, silos, hoppers, trailers or custom containers. Our goal is to transfer waste materials to the assigned destination without contamination.After dust and scrap waste are removed from the production areas, Transfer Systems convey the materials from cyclones, dust filters, and grinders to storage bins, silos, hoppers, or other manufacturing processes using low pressure, high pressure, or mechanical conveyor systems.
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Material Load Out Systems

Material Load out systems & Ventilation Systems - helping you get cleaner air.After waste materials are collected and transferred, various methods are used to load the waste into containers, trailers, boilers, storage bins, silos or to another manufacturing process.  Airlock feeders can drop waste out of cyclones and filters, and screw conveyors can move and distribute material using slide gates.
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Ventilation Systems

Industrial Air systems & Ventilation Systems - helping you get cleaner air.Rees-Memphis Ventilation Systems are designed to continually remove and supply air to a particular area in the plant where engineered controls are needed to eliminate physical hazards such as dusts, vapors, or gases, or maintain temperature and humidity conditions.
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