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Dust Collection Systems

Rees Dust Collection & Filtration SystemsRees-Memphis Dust Collection and Filtration Systems incorporate the latest technology in the processing of solid waste and dust. With tougher regulations from OSHA and EPA on dust exposure limits and atmospheric emissions, greater emphasis is being placed on the need for environmental systems.

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Dust Collection Solutions

Custom Design

Rees Memphis has a highly trained crew of field technicians and system designers that specialize in innovative designs and solutions for your dust collection or filtration system needs. Our 40,000 square foot plant and inventory of the latest sheet metal and steel fabricating machinery allows us to manufacture dust collection systems for any application.


A critical step in addressing your Dust Collection needs is identifying and assessing your current situation in order to determine a course of action to meet project goals. Our field technicians are well equipped and qualified for any type of situation and their dedication to customer service ensures that they will be successful in aiding your search for the most adequate and cost efficient Dust Collection solution available.

Repair & Replacement Services

We often find that systems can be greatly enhanced with proper maintenance. Our dedicated field staff is equipped with truck mounted cranes and other specialized equipment which ensures that your job will be handled efficiently.



High quality dust collector upgrades can significantly improve the efficiency of your system. Rees-Memphis offers many of these components including:

Cyclone Separators,

Industrial Filters & Baghouses,

Dust Collectors,

Blowers & Fans,

Rotary Airlocks & Feeders,

Storage Bins & Unloaders,

Conveyors & Augers,

Grinders & Hogs,

Bailers & Shredders,

and Fire Protection Equipment.


Benefits of Dust Collection Systems

Cyclone Dust Collection Systems Memphis Tn. - centrifugal separators for heavy dust particles and waste.

Reduction in expenses

Rees Memphis can help you integrate a waste management solution that allows waste to be pneumatically conveyed and stored, reducing the need for personnel and numerous waste containers.

Safer Environment
A properly designed system can provide a safer work environment. Plant air is kept clean, machinery operates more efficiently and production space is enhanced when dust and waste are continuously collected and stored.

Scrap Benefits

With the ever increasing concern on environmental issues, it is becoming harder to dispose of waste. Proper collection of waste enables a company to consider utilizing it as an energy resource. If that is not possible, the waste is at least ready for proper disposal.

Energy Savings

After dust-laden air is removed from the production process, it can be filtered and returned to the production area, thus providing energy savings on make-up air needed for heating and cooling purposes.


Types of Dust Collection Systems

Cyclone Dust Collection Systems Memphis Tn. - centrifugal separators for heavy dust particles and waste.

Rees Cyclone System

Rees Cyclone Systems use centrifugal separators to collect and separate heavier particles and waste from the conveying air stream. Although less efficient than filters, cyclones cost less, use less horsepower, and require minimum maintenance. When finer dust particles exist, cyclones may be used as primary separators in front of filters. This enables the system to separate larger particles before the air is filtered.

Rees Filter System

Rees Filter Systems use many types of bag and cartridge collectors to achieve 99.9% efficiency in separating particles from dust-laden air. Each system application must be properly analyzed to ensure that the right filter is specified. Critical to this analysis are dust characteristics, air volume, and particle size distribution.