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Waste Transfer Systems

Material Load Out Systems Memphis TN. After dust and scrap waste are removed from the manufacturing area, Transfer Systems convey the materials to one or more desired destinations. Transfer Systems move the waste from cyclones, dust filters, and grinders to storage bins, silos, hoppers, or other manufacturing processes.

Design parameters similar to the ones used in conveying systems are also used in the design of Transfer Systems. Project Designers must consider the material characteristics, bulk density (lbs./cub.ft.) and volume capacity (lbs./hour) to design a system most suitable for the customer’s needs.

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Types of Waste Transfer Systems

Rees-Memphis - Waste Transfer SystemsLow Pressure Transfer Systems

Low Pressure Transfer Systems use ambient air to pick up waste from underneath a cyclone, filter, hog, or feeder. The blower then moves the waste to a cyclone where the waste is dropped into storage or loaded into a container for transporting, and the air is exhausted to ambient. If the waste includes fine particles, a closed-loop system can return the air back to the blower, creating a dust-free transfer system.

High Pressure Transfer Systems

High Pressure Transfer Systems are effective when a manufacturer needs to move a large volume of waste a long distance. Using high pressure blowers, feeders and smaller pipe (usually 3” to 6” diameter) waste is suspended in the conveying air stream, as it is transported to a small cyclone receiver and discharged. (See page on Pneumatic Conveying Systems).