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Storage Bins & Unloaders

Storage Bins Memphis Tn.

Rees-Memphis custom designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of storage bins including modular bins with “clamshell” unloading doors, silos, rectangular bins, and round vertical bins. REES also installs storage bins and unloaders from OEM suppliers including Peerless, Clarke, Carruthers, Butler , Safeco, Peabody, Mast-Lepley, Laidig and others.

With continued emphasis on proper waste utilization, manufacturers must evaluate all options regarding the disposal or usage of scrap materials. Storage capacity and unloading methods can be customized to meet a variety of needs where design flexibility provides for integrated waste solutions.

Rees-Memphis storage and unloading systems include:

  • Modular bulk storage bins for loading open-top trailers
  • Concrete silos for maximum storage and metered feeding to boilers
  • Round and rectangular steel fabricated bins with rack and pinion gates or auger unloaders
  • Smaller storage bins and hoppers for batching and blending operations

The design of each storage bin and unloading system is based on the characteristics of the material to be stored and the required method of disposal. REES has the experience and knowledge to design a storage solution that meets our customer’s needs.

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