Industrial Fans & Blowers

REES manufactures its own line of material handling fans for dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and fume/vapor exhaust systems. In addition, REES has access to industry-leading fan manufacturers. Industrial fans can be provided as individual pieces of equipment or incorporated into air systems up to 100,000 CFM. Fans may be ordered with or without drive components, motors, motor bases, belt and shaft guards, fan bases, special wheels, and inlet/outlet flanges.

In addition to the REES Model M Fans, we sell and service:

  • BloApCo
  • Chicago Blower
  • Cincinnati Fan
  • Hartzell
  • Howden American
  • New York Blower
  • Phelps Fan
  • Twin City Fans
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REES Model M Fans

REES manufactures the Model M material handling fan in sizes 11 to 38 (inlet diameter) with capacities up to 60,000 CFM. Used primarily in heavier bulk material conveying applications, the Model M Fan has a proven track record as a dependable, low-pressure fan that can be modified for specific industrial applications. The Model M Fan is recognized for heavy-duty construction and high-quality components which assures the customer many years of uninterrupted service.

WW Wood Farms

Design Parameters

  • 21” to 72” wheel diameters
  • 11” to 38” inlet diameters
  • 2,000 to 60,000 CFM
  • 2” to 18” static pressure


  • Double-interlock pillow blocks
  • Hardened tapered roller bearings
  • Rugged outer housing
  • Double-locking set collars

Fan Housing

  • 10 ga to 3/8” plate
  • Rotatable up to size 23
  • Inlet collar and outlet flange

Fan Wheels

  • 1/4” to 1/2” plate blades
  • 1/4” to 5/8” plate backplate
  • Tapered hubs and bushings


  • Machine turned, ground and polished

Also Includes

  • Drain plug, shaft seal, lifting lugs


Arrangement 1
Our standard fan arrangement showing a clockwise upblast configuration. Specify rotation and location of outlet when ordering.

Arrangement 9F
Complete fan including motor, V-belt drive and sliding motor base, all floor mounted on a unitary base. A beltguard is a safety requirement for this configuration, but is not shown.



  • Heavy duty with larger shaft, bearings and heavier plate for housing and wheel
  • Stainless steel, abrasion resistant plate and wear liners for special applications
  • Fan wheel modifications to handle abrasive or stringy material
  • Removable scroll for replacement where extreme abrasive situations exist
  • Fan only in arrangement 1 or arrangement 9F with motor, motor base and drive
  • Unitary base to mount fan and motor with legs to reduce accumulating debris
  • Beltguard with unique two-piece design for easy access and maintenance
  • Bolted clean out door to access fan housing for internal inspection

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