Surveys & Consulting

REES provides all preliminary services to help identify needs and develop project specifications. A survey of plant processes provides information such as machinery and equipment layouts, air and hooding requirements, and design parameters. REES uses survey data to organize an overall project plan which may be presented to the client in report form or used to develop a proposed solution. Consulting services are tailored to the client’s specific needs such as new plant projects, plant expansions, system maintenance, or future planning.


System Design

REES integrates all system specifications including, dust or fume characteristics, conveying velocity, duct sizing, air volume, static pressure calculations, and material removal rate to ensure that design criteria are suitable for each particular application. Consideration must also be given to waste transfer and disposal methods, dust separation and filtration options, and the combustible traits of collected particulate. After designing all aspects of a project, REES can provide CAD drawings, detailed recommendations and a complete proposal outlining the project.

Casket Install

Field Installation

REES field crews install industrial air systems with personnel who are well-trained in pipe fitting, equipment assembly, cutting, welding, rigging, and general industrial field work. The quality of each installation depends on this experience as well as a commitment to being well-organized and maintaining a safe working environment. By establishing good customer relations and staying flexible throughout the project, REES field crews are able to provide exceptional on-site service.


System Maintenance

REES can recommend maintenance options to improve overall system performance. We offer all on-site maintenance services including ductwork modifications, equipment repair, fan wheel balancing, and filter bag replacement. All brands of filters, fans, air locks, screw conveyors and other equipment can be serviced using OEM parts from our partner suppliers. Whether maintenance projects involve a major shutdown or a simple two-hour job, REES works with client personnel to minimize downtime and provide exceptional service.


Equipment Repair & Rebuild

Existing equipment or newly purchased used equipment occasionally needs repairs or a complete rebuild. To meet this need, REES offers many shop services that enable customers to utilize idle or deteriorating equipment and keep investment costs down. Fan rebuilds can require new parts such as shafts, bearings, motors, and drives or fabricated parts such as fan wheels and fan casings. Filter equipment can require new bags, cages, or cartridges as well as parts for the filter cleaning assemblies. REES also rebuilds air locks, screw conveyors, and other fabricated steel components. With new coats of industrial primer and paints, completed equipment will look like new and provide many more years of service.

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