New Planer Mill

REES recently completed a project for a large planer mill in southern Georgia that manufactures over 500 hardwood construction mats per day for various industries, as well as crossties and parts for the pallet industry. The customer purchased a new high-speed planer requiring a new system to handle the increased volume in wood waste.

REES designed and built a 15 foot dia., 10 gauge cyclone with a 3/16” plate inlet liner and an 80 foot support structure with access platform and ladder. The cyclone discharges wood shavings through a REES 30” rotary airlock into a 65 unit storage bin with 13,000 cubic feet of waste capacity. The dust collection system uses a 300 HP, Class 32, Twin City fan to move 44,000 CFM of air at 6,600 FPM conveying velocity.

All pipe, elbows, inlet and outlet transitions, branch fittings, slip joints, hanging material, and foundation embeds were manufactured by REES, as well as a special “slider transition” to provide adjustment to the movable side hood. REES also provided a 3-zone spark detection and suppression system including a 90 GPM 7-1/2 HP booster pump.

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