Wood Pellet and Lumber Mill

Dust Collection System

REES completed a major expansion project for a lumber mill in Middle Tennessee. The company invested in a completely new wood pellet production facility capable of processing 10 -12 tons of pellets per hour. REES provided the dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and wood grinding systems to collect, grind, and transfer plant-generated wood waste to feed the new pellet operation.

Dust Collection System

The dust collection system conveys sawdust from the existing hardwood flooring production lines to a 7000 cubic ft. concrete storage silo. From there the wood waste is meter-fed and resized through a hammermill into a surge bin for meter feeding into the pelletizing process. Finished pellets are then cooled, batch weighed, and bagged for distribution.

All of the wood waste and finished products are pneumatically and mechanically conveyed using low-pressure blower systems, screw conveyors, and feeders. The fugitive dust is filtered and recycled back into the process, maximizing waste utilization.

The REES dust collection system consists of six material handling fans, three cyclones, and two reverse-air filters handling a total of 150,000 CFM.

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